Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Relive your memories with your wedding photos

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Worth More than a Thousand Words

When I ask my parents about how they met, they always show me pictures of their courtship days. The bulk of yellow-edged wedding photos that describe their joy. They may have their quarrels and fights (typical of any marriage), but those wedding pictures always remind me that the essence of their marriage is him carrying her over the threshold. A commitment to hold on to each to other.

It is perhaps a cliché to say that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime stab at happiness, but hardly anyone can deny that there are few days which are capable of bringing you true bliss. Your weddings should be one of them. Sometimes, wedding photos fade from proud displays in newly-bought homes to being kept away in storage boxes in the store-room. No matter where they are tucked away, wedding photos are like compact books of blissful happiness that reminds married couples and their children of what they had set out to have.

Some say that wedding photos are a waste of money, the more cynical complain of its vapid one-dimensional character. However, if you are of the mind that they remind you of something more inherent to your marriage, then there is value in your wedding photos. Personally, I think that wedding photos symbolise the beginning of a journey. Many wedding photos used to be taken below an archway, an open gate. I believe that they are gateways to a journey (hackneyed as they sound) because both parties have taken an oath. Behind the physical photos lie deeper meanings in ceremonial clothes, a rite of passage into a new place.

Yes, encrypted in wedding photos are memories that you hope you can show to your children, and your grand children.


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