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Effects of makeup on wedding photos : Interview with Liren Neo

Wedding Photos portal is delighted to have the opportunity to interview Liren Neo, a renowned makeup artist consultant to share with us her thoughts on how makeup affects your wedding photos.
Who is Liren Neo?
Liren Neo is part of a rare breed of Professional Makeup Consultants in Singapore whose philosophy is all about bringing out every woman’s natural beauty through makeup.

With a career spanning some 15 years, Liren’s forte is in the Bridal Makeup industry. She provides actual day and night bridal makeup, ROM wedding makeup and overseas wedding shoot services.

She also brings a wealth of experience and credibility to the field of makeup in the film and fashion industries. Her diversified portfolio is a testament to her reputation as a renowned makeup artist where celebrities, show hosts and fashion models have witnessed her magical prowess.

Besides her work as a professional makeup artist, Liren finds the time to impart her knowledge and skills through her makeup, image and styling classes at her boutique studio in Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Q1: Why is good makeup so important for bridal couples?
A: Good makeup is important especially for brides. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you definitely want to look beautiful, because it helps boost your confidence. Also, you want to be able to look through your wedding photographs years after and still feel that you looked great during the wedding. If a bride’s makeup is done properly, it will inspire the photographer to take better pictures too.

Q2: Should makeup be the same for both weding photography shoot and actual wedding day?
A: No. I discuss with a bride about details such as location, theme and wedding photography style, and propose a suitable look after that. My style of makeup is natural, as it can enhance a woman’s features better. I focus more on sharing skincare tips with her, and pay more attention to foundation because the coverage must last through the day.

Q3: How should a bride prepare for her wedding photography shoot?
1) Take good care of your skin. Besides a proper skincare routine (cleanser, toner and moisturiser), exercise regularly and get sufficient rest. That way, your skin will look radiant and smooth
2) Avoid drinking excessive water the day before your shoot
3) Communicate with your makeup artist clearly regarding your requirements – for example, discuss with him/her the wedding theme, venue and colours you prefer
4) Get your hair trimmed
5) Don’t try new skincare products as these may cause allergic reaction
6) Stay away from unhealthy food
7) Improve your body language by flipping through magazines to learn about poses for photographs.

Q4: What is the most important element in bridal makeup?
A: Good bridal makeup brings more colour to the face and enhances your natural beauty. The eyes are especially important, so the makeup in this area must enhance your emotions and expressions. Good eye makeup begins with contouring because it helps create the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes. It draws attention to the bride’s face instantly.

Q5: Do you have any tips for grooms?
A: Of course, because it is also an important day for the groom. Besides exercising to keep himself fit, he should eat a balanced diet. The groom can discuss clothing options such as moustache and spectacles with the makeup artist. I usually encourage him to explore a different look, such as styling his hair in a new way. Any haircut should be done at least a fortnight before the big day. I’ll also recommend a facial and manicure.

By: Liren Neo
~Beauty Magic by Liren Neo~
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Road,
Tanjong Pagar Plaza,
Singapore 082001

Mobile: +65 9768 6075
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