Monday, September 13, 2010

A Great Wedding Photograph - by 1950 photography team

This is the first of many articles written by the 1950 photography team I would like to share. I have worked with the 1950 photography team on a few occasion and learnt a lot during the process.

Original article here. Enjoy.

To a professional, the science of wedding photography may be a complex formula involving an intimidating arsenal of photography equipment, optimal lighting conditions and the perfect moment in which the target is caught in his sights. What appears to be a simple image could be the culmination of the photographer’s experience together with the usage of their relatively expensive equipment.

Thanks to advances in technology and photography techniques, the level of detail caught can be simply astounding, and a good wedding photo can capture the wondrous occasion with crystal clarity. However, the beauty of such technical excellence is often lost on the lay person. For people like us, the worth of an image is not solely in its technical perfection or aesthetic value, but also the memories and emotions that it invokes.

A picture, as the adage goes, is worth a thousand words. But this story of thousand words will be so much more compelling if it tells your story. And so, in the hands of a capable wedding photographer, his equipment and knowledge become more than tools used to fill up a wedding photograph album. Indeed, it becomes a means for him to “write” a diary of sorts. A visual diary of pictures and images that will allow you to relive the best moments of your wedding.

Through the photographer’s eyes and skilled hands, we see the events of the wedding unfold like a fairy-tale told by an expert storyteller. Every smile and wrinkle can help us recount the happiness that was felt at that moment in time. Every tear of joy can let us taste the bittersweet flavour of reluctance felt by a loved one. Every laughter caught can feel so real as if the joke had just been told again.

A good wedding photo will let us share that special moment with our friends and loved ones. Even after our memories have become distant and fuzzy; even after we can barely recall the names that go with the faces on the photographs before us.

A great wedding photo is one that tells a story. Your story.


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