Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Promotion: Perth pre-wedding photography

Perth pre-wedding photography promotion, pre-wedding photography Perth

For the first time ever, Melbourne wedding photographer Teddy Tan is bringing his photography to Perth in January 2013. As a bonus, he will be collaborating with a mystery international award-winning photographer to create pre-wedding photography images just for you!

Included in the package are:
1 day photoshoot, including makeup and hair styling.
30~35 advance edited images
1 x 24-page coffeetable album.
Price: AUD4000

Spaces are limited so please book early.
Call Teddy 0405642535 or email for booking and enquiries.

Update: 19 April 2012

This photo was taken at an open field near Moora. I climbed onto higher grounds to capture the scenery being painted by the sunset with a gorgeous golden hue.

~The mystery photographer

Update: 23 April 2012

This photo was taken at the University of Western Australia campus. The repeated patterns in the architecture and the reflection in the foreground make it an interesting view.

~The Mystery Photographer

Update: 28 April 2012

This photo was also taken near Moora, on the other side of the road from the field shown in the first photo above. The yellow canola flowers and the light blue cloudy sky complimented each other so well that it looks like a scenery from a storybook.

~The Mystery Photographer

P.S:The balloons were brought along with us all the way from Singapore (Hint 1: I’m from Singapore) and inflated in Perth.

Update: 8 May 2012

The Crawley Edge Boathouse a.k.a that bue boathouse is a popular place for pre-wedding photography in Perth. To achieve something a little different, we went to a vantage point and shot this photo with the boathouse in the background.

~The Mystery Photographer


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