Friday, December 18, 2009

The wedding of Yary and Surad

The day started with a tranquil prayer session in Surad's house. Then I head over to Yary's to find her in an exotic tranditional Cambodian wedding costume.

The wedding started with a Cambodian ceremony which the Cambodian MC is simply hilarious. He can't seem to remember Surad's name and keep referring him as "Saran". It was followed by Western solemnization. The reading from Yary's brother made her eyes welled up.

Evening reception is at Annabella's and food is similar to a Chinese wedding. The dance floor is flooded by people accompanied by non-stop music, including some by a Cambodian band.

Clothing changes of the day rotates between Cambodian, Western formal, and even a Sari.

The day ended with Yary cutting a big chunk of the wedding cake and wrapped it up in a napkin and gave it to me. It was so big that I only manage to finish it 3 days after the wedding!

Photos to follow:

Grandma blessing grandson for his wedding, love the squashed nose

Happy Tears, Surad's mum

happy tears mother
tears during an emotional reading from Yary's brother.
wedding reading emotional tears

Yary is pumped after getting hitched.
wedding hitched excitement

This photo is taken during the guest greeting before the reception. The bridal party forms a line to greet the guest as they walk past. Yary saw her good friend and waved.

This is the wedding album cover design.

Tim Neville wedding
Flamenco dance-off between the MC and some uncle.
flamenco dance wedding

These two really wanted to get married
bouquet toss fight wedding


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