Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adelaide Day 2 (Part One)

I was off to a regional town called Whyalla the next morning, in a small plane. Count the number of windows and multiply it by 3, that's the max capacity of the plane. Our bus driver, Les
First, he showed us around the little town.
On our way to the mines. Sitting in front of me is Reuben.
Saltbushes along the way
Are we there yet?Yes

Gigantic trucks transporting the ore
Our tour guides for the mines, Kurt (and Simon not shown)
This is what they are mining for.
Our chariot
Our chariot is no more taller than the wheel of this truck.
Rather scary following it.
Next, we went to the place where they "upgrade" those ore low in iron. Our tour guide, Jo.
Micky mouse ears helmet, only works on Jo.

Piangz, so tall to climb.

Piles of "upgraded ore"More "upgraded" ore
Next we went to the pellet plant, where they make small iron pellets. Everything here is mahogany red.
Our tour guides Rebecca.....
.....and Robyn. Your heart will melt if she looks directly into your eyes.

Iron pellets

To be continued.......


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