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Chemistry between a wedding photographer and wedding videographer

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Wedding photos and videos are a huge part of your big day. They will be what lives on as memories after the magical moments of the wedding itself. So naturally, you would love to have these moments to be the best they can truly be. To make the most out of your wedding photographer and videographer, there has to be some chemistry- some understanding between the two roles. Instead of covering technical aspects of the shooting, the following suggestions are to help you decide how to plan your wedding photos, wedding videos, and work them into a gorgeous symmetry of breathtaking beauty.

Firstly, for the wedding photos and videos to turn out right, both photographer and videographer have to have the same theme in mind. You wouldn’t want the wedding photos and videos to seem to be taken on separate occasions would you? So to establish a harmony between the two, do take some time to have a chat with both photographer and videographer and decide on a common theme which would run through the wedding photos and videos, say traditional or perhaps the four seasons. All these considerations will help in capturing those picture perfect moments in your wedding photos and the videos for the many years to come.

Another thing you should try to do is to communicate to your photographer and videographer about key events during the wedding. For example, if you wish to pay special attention to a speech the best man makes during the banquet, inform them of its importance to you. As such they will be able to devote special attention towards these special events, and produce lovely wedding photos and videos pertaining to these events. This will help them familiarise with the layout and events on the day itself, leaving lesser room for error.

In addition, it will help alot when the wedding photographer and videographer have worked together before. They will understand each other shooting styles and know how to compliment one another instead of blocking or fighting for the best angle/views.

Finally, don’t be overly concerned with the details of the wedding photos and videos on the day itself. It’s your special day, go ahead and enjoy yourself! By communicating well, and making your wishes known, your wedding photos and videos should turn out just the way you’d want them to.


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