Monday, August 9, 2010

Commercial Photography Fail - Beaurepaires

This is an advertisment by Beaurepaires published in RACV's Royal Auto Magazine, August 2010 edition. One of the many commercial photography fails that I've come across.

advertisement photography,commericial photography,fail,beaurepaires,RACV

Notice that the photographer's leg and the lightstand with a sandbag are visible in the car's reflective bumper.
advertisement photography,commericial photography,fail,beaurepaires,RACV,photographer,lightstand,sandbag

Generally, it is considered unacceptable for a photographer to be visible in a printed advertisement, unless he/she is part of the ad.

I took the initiative to do a quick edit (total time 1 minute) to remove the said objects from the photo, just to prove that it is possible.
advertisement photography,commericial photography,fail,beaurepaires,RACV

We are happy to provide editing services to fix up such photo. Or better, engage us to shoot your next advertisement campaign.

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